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We are the founders of The Indian Chai, an enterprise dedicated to curating the finest teas in India and crafting them into unique all-natural blends ranging from Ayurvedic herbal teas to delightful dessert teas. Along this journey, as our range of tea blends grew, so did our knowledge of Ayurvedic herbals. And as our teas spread across every corner of India, an exciting, new opportunity returned to us.

OneHerb is the culmination of this opportunity. There was frequent demand from customers of The Indian Chai for specific herbs to be made available separately. These are herbs not easily accessible in the market and come with a lack of quality assurance if at all available. It is this demand combined with our subject expertise and resourcefulness that has led to the inception of OneHerb.



Safely processed, yet fully preserved. Antioxidant-rich. Immunity strengthening. Metabolism boosting. All it takes is one spoon a day to keep illness at bay.

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Handpicked and sundried. 100% natural and organic leaves, what you see is what you get. Explore teas that cool your system, relax your mind, and detox your body.

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Blood Sugar Regulation
Milk Thistle Powder
Super Herb
Dandelion Leaves
St Johns Wort Leaves
Super Herb
Burdock Root
For Women
Valerian Root
Our Roots are Deep

Through years of research and exploration, we have attained a level of expertise that enables us to procure herbs of the highest quality that are 100% organic.

Our Shoots are Mighty

The highest quality is met by the highest preservation. Our premium packaging ensures the herbs you purchase retain their freshness throughout consumption.

Blossoming Variety

Our vast collection of herbs means that no matter what ails you, we have a solution for you. And as your health blossoms, so will our collection.

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