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Herbs For Sexual & Reproductive Health

By Dr. Anwesha Mukherjee | 1 March 2021

Herbs For Sexual & Reproductive Health

In India, the word 'Sex' is taboo & Sexual Health is the most neglected. In almost all Reproductive Health cases, it is the female partner who is blamed even though she is perfectly healthy.

Sexual Health is a broad area that encompasses many inter-related challenges and problems. Key issues & concerns are human rights related to Sexual Health, Sexual pleasure, Eroticism & Sexual satisfaction, Sexual diseases (HIV/AIDS, STIs, RTIs), Violence, Female genital mutilation, Sexual dysfunction, Mental Health related to Sexual Health, Adolescent Health, Maternal Health, Child & Forced Marriage, Contraception, Abortion & Infertility.

Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare education can be started from childhood. But during the Puberty & Adolescent phases, it must be made a priority for both Boys & Girls.

Due to a lack of open discussion and education, a lot of girls do not know how frequently to change their Sanitary Napkin & or do not know the importance of using a Sanitary Pad. Boys at this early age start Smoking & Alcohol consumption, and this affects their life later on. And nowadays, an unhealthy lifestyle of junk food consumption and lack of exercise among both Boys & Girls can impact their Reproductive Health. A girl’s Menstrual cycle also gets affected.

There are lots of Herbs mentioned in Ayurveda classical texts which improve Sexual & Reproductive Health. Some of them are mentioned below :

✓ Aswagandha - can take in the form of powder mixed warm milk twice daily after meals. Boosts Fertility & Testosterone in Men and enhances their energy levels. It is a mood enhancer - it fights anxiety & stress. Stop consumption after 15 days otherwise it may lead to hormonal imbalances.

✓ Safed Musli - can take in the form of 2-5 gms powder with warm milk once or twice per day for 2 months. Improves Sexual Health in Men. It's heavy in nature for digestion & hence prescribed after proper carminative or along with digestive medicaments.

✓ Kapikacchu - can be taken in the form of seed decoction 5-15 ml once or twice a day, in divided doses. Increases libido & sexual virility. Promotes the sperm count in men & ovulation in women. prevents Premature ejaculation in Men. Increases blood circulation to the genitals & hence acts as a good aphrodisiac. Decreases symptoms of stress & anxiety, & hence acts as a mood elevator. Don't overdose, may cause a burning sensation or constipation. Avoid during pregnancy, lactation, children. 

✓ Jasmine - can be taken in the form of tea by just boiling the flowers or leaves. It's an Aphrodisiac.

✓ Shatavari - can be taken in the form of powder with warm water. Treats PCOS & irregular periods. Improves Breast size. In a few Women with high oestrogen, Shatavari mimics oestrogen & causes symptoms like breast tenderness. In such cases, it's administered in the first period of the menstrual cycle (starting from the onset of menstruation until 14 days).

✓ Aloe Vera - can be taken in the form of 30 ml juice. It's used in diseases of young girls like menstrual problems (menorrhagia, amenorrhea etc.), improves ovulation chances. Avoid overdose as it induces purgation, avoid during pregnancy, lactation & children.

✓ Yarrow - can be taken in the form of tea by boiling Yarrow leaves/flower in water. It has a specific action on the Female Reproductive system. It's spasmodic. It possesses the ability to normalise the menstrual flow, making it invaluable for women who facing stagnation of blood causing suppressed menstruation or heavy bleeding.

✓ Red Clover - can use leaves in the form of tea by only boiling. Contains phytoestrogens which mimic the activity of estrogen, can be used in the alleviation of the discomfort due to menopause, increases good HDL cholesterol, reduces post-menopausal symptoms like night sweats, hot flushes, risk of osteoporosis. Contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, before surgery, who are taking birth control pills, children below 12 yrs.

✓ Valerian - can use 25-30 ml decoction of Valerian root at night after food. Treats menopausal hot flushes, eases menstrual cramps. It's safe when taken for a short period of time. Excess consumption for a long period of time can lower Blood Pressure level.

✓ Chasteberry - can be taken in the form of juice in 20-30 ml/day dose or powder in a 3-6 gm/day dose. Treats pre-menopausal symptoms & PCOS. Treats infertility in both Men & Women. Treats all kind of gynaecological conditions.


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Herbs For Sexual & Reproductive Health
Herbs For Sexual & Reproductive Health

In India, the word 'Sex' is taboo & Sexual Health is the most n...

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